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What is Unanimous Craft?

Unanimous Craft is a website where you can find places to sell your handmade goods. Listings are created for craft shows, brick and mortar shops and online selling venues. Users can rate and review each listing to share their experience with other makers.

It's Different Than it Used to be, Right? I'm Not Crazy.

Originally, Unanimous Craft was a website for the indie craft community modeled after Yelp. Users could submit listings for tools they use to run their business, craft shows and brick and mortar shops that sell handmade goods. Over the years, the number of listings grew and Unanimous Craft became difficult to host without great out-of-pocket expense. In 2013, I changed Unanimous Craft to a membership site where you had to purchase a yearly subscription. While that worked for a bit, I hate the idea of charging people to use a website. In early 2015, I decided to reduce the focus of Unanimous Craft in order to reduce the size of the site as a whole. Now, Unanimous Craft is a site where you can find places to sell your handmade and small batch work. It is free to use, but users can purchase a Premium Membership to gain access to our craft show calendar tool (coming 2016) and support the site.

About Me

I am Rosalie Gale: waterproof Shower Art maker who is currently obsessed with German board games and free-motion embroidery. I founded and maintain Unanimous Craft. I also opened a retail shop, Ugly Baby and La Ru in the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. Come visit when you're in town!

Purchase a Premium Membership: 

Premium Members get access to our craft show calendar tool (coming 2016). If you sign up today, you will receive a one-month trial period to review the site and see if you will find it useful. If you cancel before the month is up, you won't be charged the annual fee.


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  • Alexa from Foamy Wader says, "Unanimous Craft is a fabulous tool for gathering and reviewing resources for Makers. Great insights with honest insider feedback. Invaluable!"

    Alexa Allamano
    Owner, Foamy Wader