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Bust Craftacular Los Angeles (Summer 2014): My Pick to Win the Whole Thing

My husband, Doug, and I traveled to the land of strip malls and horrible - known by people who love it as Los Angeles. I don't love it. The only thing I love about it is that I have some close friends who have chosen to live part of their lives there -- so I get to see those dummies. I also love that there are opportunities to see amazing comics just doing open mics and showcases around town like the comics in Seattle - but better.

I once purchased a tote bag for a friend from Amelia P. Morris that said "I Stomach LA". It may very well be the best thing I've ever given anyone ever and also expressed exactly how I feel about LA at the same time.

I Stomach LA. Awesome.

But I digress.

We had to go to LA because that's where the Bust Craftacular was taking place.

I normally select a few vendors who, in my opinion, had the most kick-ass things. This time, there was one clear winner. My pick to win the whole thing was Belle Helmets. I noticed these hand-painted bike helmets years ago and longed for one. Hard. I lost track of them until I arrived at the Bust Craftacular.

According to their website, "Belle Helmets was founded by illustrator Danielle Baskin in efforts to transform the dull bicycle helmet into a unique fashion accessory. Each helmet is painted by hand in New York and shipped out all over the world."

 Paper Crane - My Favorite.

What an amazing idea. I have already determined that when my ankle is "bike outside ready" I'll be sporting one of these incredible helmets. It will probably be this one with bears and roses on it. It's weird and beautiful and I love it.


 Bears and Roses. So Weird. So Perfect.

Photo courtesy of Belle Helmets.

Or maybe this one to let me nerd-flag fly?

 20 Sided Die

Photo courtesy of Belle Helmets.

Which helmet would YOU choose? Will it be the Phrenology Chart? Or this one with anchors?

I'm sure whichever one I go with, I'll enjoy it for years and years while protecting my very important head-part. Win-Win!


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