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Craftcation 2014: Day Four -- Or, This City is Made for Me.

Seriously Ventura? Seriously?

How is it possible that my soul mate is a city and not an actual human being of some kind? Walking back from lunch today, we ran across this sign for a Fart Show. My heart swelled. I think I'm in love. 

Today has been a blurry-blur face. After just about four hours of shut eye, I wandered blearily to the hotel restaurant for an early morning breakfast with some crafty idols.

Lauren Rudeck (La Ru) and I sticking our heads in a thing

After we downed some powdered eggs, Lauren and I both sat on a panel called "Opening a Brick and Mortar." We blabbed about our partnership arrangement (separate businesses operating out of the same retail space) and how we try not to intertwine our lives any more than necessary. We think it's a great way to maintain a friendly partnership for the long-term.

Another tip for would-be partners: Write a break up agreement before you begin. Work out what will happen with every aspect of the business you can think of and do it while you are still on good terms. It won't be as easy to negotiate if you try to do it in the midst of a break up. Do it first thing so everyone involved knows the consequences up front.

Now, for a trip to Super Buzzy:

Super Buzzy Drools

I have expressed my extreme admiration for Super Buzzy in the past and have yelled about how awesome it is on several occasions during this conference. It is a store packed full of Japanese fabric, kits and books. It is a wonderland. And it exists in Ventura, CA. If you go to Craftcation and don't go to Super Buzzy it will keep me awake at night being sincerely sad for you and the choices you have made in your life. Go to Super Buzzy. Go. Call a cab now. They're open from 11-4 on Sundays. Go there. You will not regret it. And if you do somehow regret it, I will be long gone. I guess you could try to sue me but I doubt you would win. It doesn't matter though because you won't want to sue me because Super Buzzy is an amazing find and a treasure and completely worth it. Go. Now. DON'T EVEN READ THE REST OF THIS BLOG POST!

Personal Finance with Lauren Venell:

When we got back, I was able to catch the tail end of Lauren Venell's talk about personal finance. It was really eye-opening and I learned quite a bit.

#1: You should pay your taxes before you do anything else. You should not wipe out any money you have saved to pay your taxes in order to open a brick and mortar shop and then do 15 craft shows in six weeks during the holiday season in a stupid scramble to make ten grand real quick like.

#2: You should not cash out your 401k just so you can have a bunch of money for a short period of time.

#3: Lauren is an incredibly smart lady.

#4: You should have SIX MONTHS of emergency funds saved up in case of an emergency.

Flop sweat.

I Am Unreasonably Scared of the Idea of Ghosts

To cap off the day, I went on a ghost tour in the City Hall building with a bunch of crafters who very much wanted to believe that every noise they heard was a being from a parallel universe. Or maybe that was just me. I did get a series of weird pictures with a unexplained violet light that the tour guide assured me was absolutely some sort of paranormal entity. They are on my phone which is charging upstairs and I am too lazy to go up there and hook it up to this computer so you can see the picture easily. If you want to see it, you'll have to come talk to me in person. I don't bite.

In addition to the weird purple light, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and no one was there. And also, when I was last in line to leave one of the rooms, I heard a clicking sound. I DON'T KNOW WHAT MORE YOU NEED IN TERMS OF PROOF YOU MANIACS!

Dance Break

(provided by Eleanor Whitney who happened to be wearing one of my Unicorn on Roller Skates shirts when I saw her in the hotel lobby):

Eleanor Callott Whitney wearing a rollerskating unicorn shirt by UglyBaby and posing for a fight.

It's Almost Over

The conference is wrapping up. There's just a tiny part of one day left. After tomorrow morning it will be all over for 2014. I am filled with the sads.

But then I look around this lobby and see what everyone has created. The questions have all been asked and answered:

The questions have been posted and answered

My potato question


(My new favorite person of the day.)

The goals have all been set:

The friends have been made. Promises to return next year and whispered creepily in a neighbor's ear. (Is that just me again?)

In short -- see you tomorrow morning. And then see you in 2015. This better happen every year forever or I'll be filled with more of the sads.

Rock --

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