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Craftcation 2014: Day Three or: How Many Naked Butts Have YOU Seen Today?

I saw four naked butts this evening.

Well, I guess technically I saw two naked butts -- but I saw them each twice -- so I count it as four.

Let's work backwards so I can explain. A big gaggle of us went out to dinner tonight at Maria Bonita. By a gaggle, I mean eleven. On our walk back to the hotel (okay, we stopped for frozen yogurt first) I looked up and suddenly saw two naked butts hanging out of a car window. I said, "Did I just see naked butt?" It was confirmed by other on-lookers. We laughed about it and continued on toward frozen yogurt. Then, after two of us confused the frozen yogurt lady with our dresses (more on that later -- LIVE IN SUSPENSE!) we were standing outside and suddenly I saw those same two butts drive by. I GOT QUADRUPLE MOONED, YOU GUYS! I'm not sure exactly what that means in the grand scheme of things, but I'm assuming it's lucky.

One lady in our group who shall remain nameless (Marie LeBaron - who am I kidding, I love to gossip) kept yelling for way too long for the naked butts to turn around and come back again. You may know Marie from her website Make and Takes - a popular website for children's craft ideas but there is another side to Marie and I saw it tonight.

Okay, so aside from the number of naked butts I saw today, here is some news from the land of Craftcation:

This morning I slept in until the great old hour of 8:30-ish, pulled on some leggings and a sparkly scarf (also a shirt) and headed out into the world in search of coffee. Yes, the hotel has coffee. Yes, I also brought instant coffee in my suitcase. BUT THAT COFFEE IS ALL FREE AND CLOSE TO ME. It is a commonly known fact that coffee tastes much better when you have to GO TO IT and when it costs money.

Coffee accomplished, I headed back to the hotel to actually shower and get on my dinosaur dress so I could really start my day. My friend Shana did the same. Literally. We brought the exact same dress to this conference. And it's navy with bright orange dinosaurs on it -- so it's not like it's fading into the background. We decided that the sane thing to do would be to wear them on the same day and celebrate it instead of hiding in shame. Besides, if we wore it on different days people would thing that we were sharing a dress, maybe? One of us wearing the other's dirty clothes? I don't know -- it just seemed like wearing it on different days would cause all sorts of questions (in reality -- yes, I'm sure no one could have possibly cared less).

Shana and me in our dinosaur dresses

Funny though, this is exactly what happened last year to Kelly and Marlo -- but for them it was a chevron instead of a dino dilemma. 

Kelly and Marlo in their chevron dresses

The first class I attended was a panel called Creating Share-Worthy DIY Tutorials with Brittni Mehlhoff, Chris Gardner and Kelly Lanza. I learned that I am probably too lazy to be a professional share-worthy tutorial maker. As you can see from my photos -- I'm more on the "good enough" side of the spectrum. And I'm happy here. There was lots of talk about climbing on ladders to get great shots and then more talk about what tripods can do. I learned that fancy cameras scare me and I never want to do more than click one button and maybe have Photoshop lighten up the background on something. Occasionally I can blur something. That's about it. Photoshop, on more than one occasion, has reduced me to tears. TEARS. 

They are all very stylish peeps and had great advice for those with equivalent style and a passion for making things look awesome. One thing I learned that was ultra-uber-super-duper useful: If you post photos on Pinterest - make them vertical photos. They get pinned way more often. From this day forward, I promise to only post vertical photos on Pinterest. Repeat after me: ONLY VERTICAL PHOTOS.

Then it was time for lunch. This is where we lunch:

Ventura City Hall - Craftcation 2014

More delicious soda from Joia Life.

Joia Life - Craftcation 2014

Then, I headed over to the museum kitchen to Put Up a Peck of Peppers with Sean Timberlake of Punk Domestics.

We turned these:

Put up a Peck of Peppers - Craftcation 2014

Into these:

Put up a Peck of Peppers - Craftcation 2014

And turned these: 

Put up a Peck of Peppers - Craftcation 2014

into something I did not photograph. LIVE IN WONDER, PEOPLE. LIVE IN WONDER!

Canners have more fun. Proven. Fact.

After canning, I got a little lost on my way back to the hotel and was late for my beginning drawing class with Jennifer Lake from Sprout Studio. I drew a dude upside down and it didn't turn out horrible but my favorite part was looking at all the nature stuff laid out on a table. 

Beginning Drawing - Craftcation 2014

Beginning Drawing - Craftcation 2014

In all, it was a great day with great people. I do however, have one thing I'd like to mention that might not be popular with everyone. Several presentations so far this weekend have included advise to get supplies for projects at Hobby Lobby. Some folks might not be aware of Hobby Lobby's stance on women's rights and contraception -- but in short, they're not nice people and they don't have your best interests at heart. Don't support them. Don't send them business. Don't let others think that the indie craft community supports companies who promote hate and rigid, outdated ideals.

Well, that's kind of a weird note to end on but it's 1:30 in the morning and I've got crafts to make tomorrow. Sleep well my pretty-potatoes.


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