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Crafty Bastards 2014: My Picks to Win the Whole Thing

This last September, I traveled with Foamy Wader to the far reaches of our little continent: Washington D.C. for Crafty Bastards to peddle my Shower Art wares.

Fun Facts:

  • Did we have an amazing adventure? Yes.
  • Did we sleep in the car at rest stops? You bet!
  • Was there a weird guy with a puppy who followed us along the highway and creeped us out in a major way? Yuppers.
  • Did we listen to more than 2 seconds of the 37 hour audiobook three-part series that I made my husband download and set up for me before the trip? Nope. Maybe one second tops. It was a snooze-fest.
  • Did we convince a friend of mine from high school - who I have seen all of twice in the last twenty years - to let us store our tents and excess inventory in his garage so next year we can fly to the show, rent a car and drive an hour to his house to get our stuff instead of driving ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY? Uh huh.

Pretty good!

Know who else is pretty good? These folks who were also selling at Crafty Bastards:

Licorice Tree Anatomical Heart DIY Craft Kit

Little anatomical heart D.I.Y. kits by Licorice Tree. I might be biased here because I give my husband anatomical hearts as Valentine's Day gifts most years and I own a shop in the Pike Place Market that specializes in D.I.Y. craft kits. That said, I think I'm in love. AND: If I had more than three spare minutes to myself most days, my husband would probably see one of these arrive next February. Maybe I'll just give him the unfinished kit. MMMMMmmwwwahahahahahahha! Evil.

Also, those hearts have little POCKETS in them so you can store a little love note inside. It's all about the details folks. All about the details.

Spaghetti Kiss T-Shirt

This scary teddy bear t-shirt by Spaghetti Kiss reminds me of a terrifying teddy bear lamp that I once received as a gift. Truly the stuff of nightmares.

Vegan Cross Body Bag by Shara PorterThese vegan bags by Shara Porter are swoon worthy for certain. If it were up to me, I'd be taking home the green bee bag. Wait. It IS up to me! I'm a grown up person. I can buy a bag whenever I want. Hmmmmmmmm... I'll have to try and remember that.

Crazy Kitty Sweater by Pretty Snake

A crazy cat sweater with awesome button eyes by Pretty Snake? Normally when I find clothes that I love at craft shows -- they don't come in my post-broken-ankle-weight-gain size. So thank you Pretty Snake for offering plus sizes. Hurray! You're a hero! Nice work! THANK YOU!

Also, thank you for making sweaters with piles of staring cats on them. I love them. Love them. Love them.

Skirt by Malagueta

This skirt by Malagueta makes me feel all the feels a woman who grew up in Minnesota can feel. I'm obsessed with the color. I'm obsessed with the free-motion embroidery. I'm obsessed with the reverse applique. How long must it take her to complete one skirt? I can't even begin to guess. That said, I started working on a reverse applique bandana kit by Alabama Chanin two years ago and still haven't finished it. Let's just say that Rachel from Malagueta and I are MOST LIKELY at different skill levels when it comes to this kind of stuffs.

Her work is also close to my heart because -- long ago when I was about to turn thirty -- I decided to treat myself to a shirt that I had been drooling over forever. It was gorgeous but it was also a bit out of my price range. I said, "What the heck." Thirty is a landmark birthday. I'm worth it. It's ten years later and I still have that shirt. It's too small for me now, but it's the one piece of clothing I hang on to thinking, "Oh someday I'll be a size 8 again. Someday. Someday..."

Pussy Mug by My Only Regret (Besides Dying)

Yep. That's right. This mug by My Only Regret (Besides Dying) has a picture of a dog and it says, "Pussy." Last year I bought a whole set of plates with animals and swear words. This year: Mugs. Next year: Bowls? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!

That officially completes our tour of my favorites from Crafty Bastards. Really, everyone there is a favorite. These are just my favorite-favorites. You know what I'm saying. Yes you do. Quit playing.

Did you go to Crafty Bastards this year? Who did you love? What did you buy?

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