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CreativeLive with Kari Chapin: Start a Handmade Business

I spent last week at the CreativeLive Seattle studio for a taping of Kari Chapin's class: Start a Handmade Business. It was three-days of non-stop information and catered food. Both are great. Also, it was my first really BIG outing since my ankle surgeries in April. I'm doing well -- but you can see in the photos that I get to wear an awesome orthopoedic sock. Oooooooohhhhhh.


Goofy in the Seattle CreativeLive studio with Kari Chapin

I didn't know much about CreativeLive before this event. I knew they existed  - but I had never actually watched a broadcast on their channels. Well, that has changed. Since I've been back -- I think I've watched three different courses. It's on in the background like NPR used to be -- back in the day before I discovered CreativeLive.

If you haven't yet - you should check it out. All of the classes are free to watch on the day that they are being recorded. Then, they do a rebroadcast all day of the same episode in case you missed something. You can buy the class and get anytime access to it at a discounted rate while the live class is going on as well. In case you miss something and don't want to have to sit through 6-ish hours of programming to find the information. You also get bonus materials if you purchase the class -- which might just make it worthwhile all by itself. For example, I think the workbooks that come with Kari's course are over 130 pages. Walking you through - step-by-step - how to start your handmade business. That's sure to take away some of the overwhelm.

CreativeLive also has a new feature where you can put classes in their back catalog on your wish list. Then, you'll get an email when those classes are going to be rebroadcast. Pretty slick.

Anyway, I highly recommend CreativeLive.

I highly recommend Kari's Start a Handmade Business course. She's hilarious and a truth-teller. You'll learn from her and laugh at the same time. I promise.

Have you watched a CreativeLive course? Which are your favorites? What should I watch next?

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