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Featured Premium Member: Tracy Borders & Squigglechick Designs

Featured Premium Member


Everyone: Meet Tracy. Tracy: Meet Everyone!

Tracy has been a long-time supporter of Unanimous Craft and was the first person to renew her Premium Membership once we relaunced the current version of the Unanimous Craft website. Premium Members get access to our comprehensive craft & trade show calendar that compiles the dates that applications open and close for shows around the country.

Squigglechick Designs Logo

When did you start your business -- and what inspired you to take the leap?

I started my business in 2007. Before that, I was very unhappy at my day job and I realized I needed a "happy place" to take myself to, to counterbalance all of the negativity. It was then that I realized that I had been away from creating art far too long. I had always created art work to give as gifts. I never considered selling my work until someone offered to pay me to create something. My most exciting moment was my first international sale to a customer in the UK (& it wasn't a family member)! I felt so good about myself as an artist, knowing that someone overseas, who didn't know me whatsoever, wanted to own something that I made!

Recycled Dog Collar by Squigglechick Designs

What is your most popular product?

My most popular products are dog collars or anything made from beer labels!! I had NO idea how many parents named their pets after beer! The collars with recycled Guinness Stout labels are my top sellers and those with Stella labels definitely come in second.

Recycled Wallet by Squigglechick Designs

My husband, Daryl would like me to create more of these one-of-a-kind art pieces for my shop, as I started out, in the art world as a quilt artist that hand dyed all of my fabrics.

I LOVE that I'm able to obtain most of my materials from soda & beer bottles, chip bags and candy wrappers. etc. But you have to remember that, to get that label, my husband or I have to consume the product or find it along the roadside while on a walk (I've done this many times). Now that I've been doing this for awhile,  my wonderful friends & husband's co-workers that save me their labels. I actually have gained a new friend thru Etsy that lives in California and she absolutely LOVES what I'm doing so she sends me boxes of chip bags from time to time. She loves that it helps me create my art and that they're not ending up as waste in the environment. So if anyone reading this, wants to be my friend and send me cool labels, I'd be happy to take them off their hands and help them reduce environment waste too.

Basically, Tracy is giving you a way to reduce the guilt of snacking by taking the wrappers off your hands. If you would like to send Tracy some wrappers - contact me at Unanimous Craft and I'll coordinate.

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