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My Picks to Win the Whole Thing: Urban Craft Uprising, Winter 2012

I have a lot of favorite craft vendors. I've been doing the Urban Craft Uprising show for several years now so I have amassed quite a collection of people I am super-fans of (or of whom I am a super fan - depending on how much of a grammar-jerk you are).

The folks on this list are people I've never seen before. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I don't love my old favorites any less... but here is the new blood that I thought kicked some spectacular ass at the 2012 Urban Craft Uprising holiday show.

Humperdinck Hats

They mainly sell hats. Beautiful hats. Gorgeous hats that are our of my price range. I barely noticed though because I was immediately smitten with these leather collars.

I spent about 45 minutes (at least) in this booth trying on every single collar at least twice.

Humperdinck Hats - collars

I finally settled on this purple number. And I love it. Now I need some shirts that don't have v-necks so I can wear it without looking like I don't understand my own accessory.

If anyone has a line on great tunic length shirts that you can wear with leggings (the only pants I own anymore...) please share in the comments.

Humperdinck Hats - my purple collar

Such Sweet Tierney

Wow. Hand-dyed twine. Stunning colors. Hand-cast resin buttons. The buttons are made from molds she created out of the most interesting buttons in her grandmother's vintage collection. London really, really, really, really takes craft supplies to the next level.

Such Sweet Tierney - Twine

Such Sweet Tierney - Hand Cast Buttons

Such Sweet Tierney - Hand Dyed Twine

Kendra Binney

I bought three of Kendra Binney's pieces. They are such a mix of pretty and disturbing (my favorite). Gorgeous colors and disgusting things living in the same place. I fell hard.

Kendra Binney. Photo by Kendra Binney.

Kendra Binney. Photo by Kendra Binney.

Kendra Binney. Photo by Kendra Binney.

Did you attend the 2012 winter Urban Craft Uprising show? Were you a vendor? What was your favorite? What did you buy? Share your favorites in the comments.

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