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Is that the right photo for your Etsy shop listing?


Having juried craft shows and seen hundreds (thousands?) of shops, we can say with certainty that makers in general have a long way to go with photos. But once you realize, “Hey, I need to up my photo game” it can be hard to make decisions on which photo to use.

They all *seem* to look good. But actually, there are photos that are better than others—and the miracles of tech can prove it!

Recently, we’ve discovered a company called Whatify, which is pioneering A/B testing with photos. You might know A/B testing if you’ve ever sent a newsletter and A/B tested the subject line with two different options to see which one gives you the most opens. Whatify is a similar concept, but with photos.

So how does it work with photos? Basically, you run two different photos through Whatify to be your primary Etsy listing photo for an item. Whatify tracks and collects data and at the end of four weeks it tells you which one is bringing you more views and sales.

WHAT??!! (ify! Lol… could not resist)

Let’s take a look at how it works.

Which one is best?


Take a look at these two photos. Which one do think would sell the most for you? If you said the one on the left you’d be correct! But how would you have known? Gut instinct? We want to you to be sure of your choices! Whatify helps you choose your shop image with confidence.

If you are looking to tighten up your shop for the holidays—this is a great place to start! Because it takes a few weeks to collect the data we think that NOW is the best time to get on this, too. And lucky for you they have a free trial to get you started.

(note: Whatify is also a sponsor of Unanimous Craft, but we would not be talking about it if we weren’t totally jazzed on the potential for this product!)

If you’ve tried or are trying it—we’d LOVE to know how it’s working for you. Drop us a line in the comments about it!

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