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Urban Craft Uprising (Summer 2014): My Picks to Win the Whole Thing

I thought I was going to miss my favorite Seattle craft show this summer: Urban Craft Uprising - because of a double ankle surgery. Sniff! Fact was, after about a month and 100 or so Vicodin I was up and walking around. Granted, I did glue googly eyes on my coffee mug and video taped her reviewing movies that we watched during the day - so I wasn't MENTALLY well - but I could walk for the most part.

I went with a 5x10 - a half booth - for this go around. I've never done a half booth before and I was curious how it would affect my sales. My easily accessable financial records go back to 2011 and I determined the average sales for the summer show were $1240.

So how did the 1/2 booth compare? We did $1297.89 for the weekend. Basically, having a half booth didn't seem to affect our sales at all. That said, we were on a corner so that made for some extra shopping space for customers. Also, the summer show season is just much slower for us in general so I feel like I can do some experimenting without it really affecting our income very much. I probably wouldn't try this for any of our winter/holiday shows.

Will I do it again? I'll probably continue to get half booths for summer shows or for shows where I'm stressed about having enough inventory available.

Here's our pretty little half booth in action:

Ugly Baby at Urban Craft Uprising

And here's a little ferris wheel that I painted pink and slathered with glitter. Perfect for small Shower Art's to take a ride.

Poop Shower Art at Urban Craft Uprising

I picked out a few of my other favorites from the show:

I've been looking at Monstertrocity for a long time. Not only is Kat a swell gal, but she goes all out when it comes to making her product special and unique. Have you ever wanted a record album cover with a monster added into the scene. Well, she makes those.

I also think she made the best use of the pesky columns at the Expo Center. People normally ignore them. Or they complain about them. But rarely does someone just say, "I know. I'll use it to my advantage." But when you see someone who does - you know that they are creative and probably weird: Kat is both of those.

Monstertrocity Pillar

I discovered that she makes these cool paper doll mosters that we carry in our brick and mortar shop, Ugly Baby and La Ru now.

Monstertrocity Paper Doll Monsters

Catshy Crafts was another winner of my unadvertised and unofficial column decorating contest. Her big embroidery hoop with her shop name is a perfect way to catch people's attention and also let them know what she makes right off the bat. Good going Cathy!

Catshy Crafts Pillar

This was Cathy's first Urban Craft Uprising as a vendor and I think she did a bang up job with the display. It looks pretty and comfy at the same time -- like I just want to curl up behind her booth and take a little nap. But I won't because... well, that would be weird.

What would you do if someone you barely knew just laid down on the ground behind your booth and fell asleep. You'd probably call the cops or an ambulance. Or at least the show organizers. At least.

Catshy Crafts Booth Display

And finally, there was Puppet Bakery. GLUTEN-FREE PUPPETS. Gluten-Free mainly because you're not supposed to eat them. Does felt contain gluten? Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn't. You still shouldn't eat it. Same with faux fur. Not for nibbling.

Puppet Bakery

I like how they look alive but then also completely vacant at the same time. I never knew puppets could make derp-face but that is very much what this puppet has going on. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Did you vend at UCU? Did you attend? Have you had someone try to fall asleep behind your booth? What did you do? Have you ever experimented with smaller booths to see how it affected your sales? Have you ever eaten faux fur?

So many questions....

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