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Webinar: Craft Show Booths That Sell Your Stuff!

Is your craft booth working for you or against you?

Has it been a bit since you last updated it... and it's feeling a bit stale?

Join us for a webinar on November 2, 2017 where you'll get EXPERT and ACTIONABLE advice to take your craft show booth from bummer to beautiful. Your booth is an integral part to craft show success and we want you to come away with all the money from your next show! This webinar will also include tons of Q&A with craft show producer Lib Ramos (go ahead, ask her questions in the questions area once you register and we'll get to it!).

Lib Ramos is 1/3 of the powerhouse trio behind Makers Collective, Indie Craft Parade and Makers Summit. Makers Collective is an organization which helps empower creative entrepreneurs through in-person events and online resources. Their initiatives provide educational business resources and avenues for makers to show and sell their work. Makers Collective connects the community with talented makers.

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