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This is the disclaimer for unanimouscraft.com. If you have any additional questions after reading this page please contact me.

Unanimous Craft is published by Academy of Handmade. As this site is intended to be an organized, indexed list of resources for indie business—every attempt is made to refrain from personal opinion in the resource listings. Resources are ranked in popularity using a combination of user submitted reviews and rankings along with the number of page views a listing receives. Personal opinion pieces do appear in the blog.

Unanimous Craft content is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual, or anyone or thing.

Every attempt is made to ensure that listings contain accurate information. Indie websites and businesses do change, so Unanimous Craft cannot guarantee the accuracy of archived content. Any listings that are found to be out of date will be appended with (Archive). They will not be removed from the site for historical purposes. If you notice a broken link or a resource that is no longer in business, please contact us.

If you decide to use tips, techniques, advice, and recommendations, and are injured, Unanimous Craft is not to be held responsible.

Unanimous Craft reserves the right to supplement or delete parts of the content or imagery without letting you know ahead of time.

Editorial Coverage and Advertising:

Unanimous Craft does include affiliate links to select products. For example, listings for books on Unanimous Craft are linked using the Amazon.com Affiliate Program. This applies to other listings as well - if they offer an affiliate program.

Advertising is also available on Unanimous Craft. Please contact us if you would like details.

Unanimous Craft also exchanges craft show and vendor promotion in exchange for being listed as a sponsor of the craft show.

Linking Back:

Permission is granted to other websites and blogs to publish up to one (1) paragraph of text per article and/or use up to two (2) images per article as long as a link back to the full entry on unanimouscraft.com is included. No written permission is required if you follow these rules.

A link back to Unanimous Craft is always nice if you are writing about content you find there.

Design and Layout:

Design and layout is strictly the property of Unanimous Craft. Do not reuse or duplicate it.

All text, titles, photo layouts (i.e. collage), and overall site layout are created solely for Unanimous Craft and protected by Intellectual Property Rights.


Comments are the sole responsibility of the people who wrote them. Unanimous Craft is not responsible, nor will be held liable, for blog comments, but does reserve the right to moderate comments as it sees fit.