We've Made Some Changes

Unanimous Craft was launched as a free resource for the indie craft community. Organization is a passion of mine and I've spent four years compiling and organizing resources. During that time, a handful of kind souls donated funds - and for that I am eternally grateful. However, the money donated just wasn't enough to pay for the kind of hosting account that Unanimous Craft needs at this point. I had the choice of switching to a pay model, paying for the site out of my own pocket or shutting it down. I chose to make the content available only to Premium Members.

I hope you have found the site so useful that $30/year for a membership is a no-brainer (Plus, it's a tax write off!). If not, email me at and let me know what I could add to the site that would rock your world.

In short, that's why you're not seeing any content here. You either don't have a Premium Member account or you haven't logged in yet.

You can still check out the indie shops in our database and read the blog as a non-Premium Member. Enjoy!