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Stitch Labs

Stitch is built for small businesses that design, make and sell products. Comprehensive reporting allows you to quickly review all aspects of your business, helping you save time and sell more.



(There's a LOT to this system and I'm sure I won't touch on all of it in my review)

In November 2011 I switched from tracking inventory manually in Excel, to using Stitch. Just a week or two into the free trial period, I was hooked on the inventory management features because of the Etsy integration. It is also very powerful and flexible. You should expect though, as with any powerful and flexible software tool, that it will take some work and learning on your part to master it. That said, it's well-designed and generally easy to use and to get up and running, and there are very helpful videos

After you create your inventory items in Stitch and connect it your Etsy store, your Etsy orders are automatically imported and your inventory adjusted accordingly. You can opt to let Stitch automatically relist things when they sell, which is a great time-saver if you're a maker of multiples of the same products.

It's also great to be able to manage multiple channels in one place - if you do wholesale, craft shows, consignment, etc, while these of course are offline channels that don't import the way Etsy sales do, you can easily use Stitch to manage all those sides of your business too. For example, I create a Contact for each wholesaler we do business with. When they place an order, I enter it in Stitch and can send them an invoice PDF directly from the program. Awesome!

As time has gone on, I've started using more and more of the capabilities that Stitch offers and generally been thrilled with them, such as Reports. The Stitch team is incredibly responsive and open to users' feedback.

In my opinion, Stitch is great for:

  • sellers who make multiples of the same physical product (not so good for OOAK shops or digital designers)
  • sellers on the Etsy and Shopify platforms
  • sellers who have online and offline sales channels

Stitch has a few shortcomings that hold me back from giving it a full 5 hearts:

  • the Expenses functionality doesn't meet my needs
  • once in a while it behaves in ways that surprise me
  • while small businesses have loads of things in common, each one is different and there will always be aspects to a system like this that you feel don't apply to you and are in the way - maybe it's not fair to call this a shortcoming...
  • I'm greedy - no matter how easy it has been to use and to learn, I want it to be EVEN MORE SO. For example, I sense there's a lot of power in the Reports section but it's taking me a while to get going there

Bottom line though, I always recommend it to anyone I think can benefit from it. The free trial is a great way to see if it can work for you. The customer support is outstanding. You really should check it out.

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